Watermelon Bubblegum Elf Bar Mate P1 Prefilled Pod

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Eliquid Flavours Bubblegum, Watermelon
Made In China
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The Elf Bar P1 Watermelon Bubblegum pods are compatible with the Elf Bar Mate 500 vape kit. These pods contain 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine, which is absorbed by the body quickly satisfying cravings faster. Inside each pod, there is a 1.6 ohm which allows for an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale, which creates a small amount of vapour, which closely resembles mimics the feeling of a cigarette.


  • Prefilled Pods
  • Used With Elf Bar Mate 500 Kit
  • MTL Vaping
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine
  • 2ml Of E-Liquid

These pods offer vapers a low-maintenance approach to vaping that is more eco-friendly than other disposable vapes. Thanks to their design when one pod is empty you can quickly replace it with a new one. Setting the pods up is simple, just push the red button on the bottom to break the e-liquid seal, and wait ten 10 seconds, and they are ready to use.

Watermelon Bubblegum blends the juicy flavour of watermelon with sweet notes of bubblegum. The result is a candy vape with a tropical, fruity twist.


  • 2 x Elf Bar Mate P1 Prefilled Pods