Herman-Trout Tobacco CBD E-Liquid (50ml)

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If you’re looking for that refreshing menthol taste, our Gus Fring CBD vape juice can’t be beaten. Made with our award-winning CBD and formulated to work with most modern vaping devices, this CBD vape juice embodies all the great benefits of our Vaping Bad range. With its irresistible menthol flavour it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular e-liquids.
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The Herman-Trout tobacco CBD e-liquid is a key part of our iconic Vaping Bad range, adding a distinctive tobacco taste that is perfect for those who are trying to escape the grip of cigarettes.

Delivering you a hearty dose of our multi-award-winning CBD, with a concentration of either 1500mg or 2500mg in every 50ml bottle, Herman-Trout will see to your CBD needs with ease.

Our CBD is derived from the finest of source plants, extracted using industry leading methods and is subjected to the most rigorous of quality checks. We ensure that only the best CBD makes it into your vape.

Using natural flavourings, Herman-Trout tobacco CBD e-liquid is giving you all the rich, earthy flavours of tobacco without the downside of conventional smoking.

Free entirely from nicotine, our tobacco e-liquid is one of the best ways to wean yourself off tobacco without going completely cold-turkey.

With a formulation that works flawlessly with any conventional vaping device it’s never been easier to enter the world of CBD vaping.


THC Level Undetectable*

*No detectable traces to the 6th decimal.



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1500mg, 2500mg