G-Rollz Banksy Straight Tube Percolator Bong

This 5mm thick heat-proof borosilicate glass bong measures 13.8 inches/35cm in height. The reinforced fixed downstem features an 18.8mm male herb bowl with handle. The handle allows you to lift the bowl without burning your fingers.

The bong features a uniquely-looking showerhead percolator that provides powerful filtration to your hits. If you enjoy frosty filtered hits, you can add some cubes to the bong since it is equipped with ice notches.

The bong features licensed artwork from Banksy on the straight tube and black-colored accents on the stable round base, rimmed mouthpiece, bowl, and ice notches.

It is available with Speeding Tricycle and Paint Roller Rat artwork. Purchase your favorite at Grasscity!