Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc | Box Set

This beautiful straight ice bong by Black Leaf is named after Hanuman, the Hindu god of wind who is known for his daring feats, strength and loyalty. The Hanuman bong is constructed from 7mm thick borosilicate glass, measures a whopping 50 cm / 19.7 inches in height and features a 10-arm slitted tree percolator that provides amazing filtration. On the top of the tube you will find a colorful image of the Hindu sitting and smoking on a bong. The solid piece is equipped with three ice notches, an 18.8mm ground joint, an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem and a 14.5mm male herb bowl with roll stopper marble. This attractive and super collectable bong produces big clean hits thanks to its extreme filtration power provided by the 10-arm tree percolator.

The Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc comes delivered in a solid, easy to store box that not only contains the bong, but also contains a Hanuman Rolling tray, a green Hanuman 4-part Aluminum grinder to turn even the the most solid bud into the perfect consistency in a matter of seconds and to top it up, a three piece silicone plug set. The plugs enable you to securely plug all the bongs holes for easy cleaning and safe transport when filled with water.

The smoke gets separated as its pulled through the slits in the submerged diffuser downstem, for important filtration and cooling. The bubbly smoke breaks on the water surface and travels upwards for another round of filtration in the slitted tree percolator, before it exits via the straight neck and out of the thick, rimmed mouthpiece. This filtration process generates a smoother, cleaner tasting hit that’s full of flavor and silky smooth on the throat and lungs. The bong has a carb hole for extra control of air intake and we recommend placing a few ice cubes on the ice notches in the tube for an even cooler hit.

This towering and beautifully decorated bong makes a great addition to any glass collection and will last for years if cleaned and maintained correctly. The bong is the perfect piece for sharing with friends at parties and smoke sessions and deliver consistent frosty and perfectly smooth hits. Matching green glass accents can be seen on the rimmed mouthpiece, the foot, the diffuser downstem and the herb bowl. Check out our extensive range of affordable bongs, bubblers and smoking accessories and order your Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc today for an unbeatable price, at Grasscity.