Black Leaf Beaker Base Ice Bong with 6-arm Perc | Black

This solid beaker base ice bong from Black Leaf measures 38 cm / 15 inches in height and features a 6-arm slitted tree percolator. The bong comes with an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem and a generous 14.5mm herb bowl with a roll stopper for safety.

The smoke is diffused and cooled in the main chamber before being pulled through the 6-arm slitted tree percolator that breaks up the bubbly smoke for added cooling and filtration resulting in a smoother cleaner hit that is still packed with flavor. The bongs domed splash guard keeps water from bubbling up towards the thick, rimmed mouthpiece, and ice notches will hold a few cubes for even cooler smoke.

The bong is made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass and has the Black Leaf logo above the beaker base in black letters. The bong is decorated with black glass accents on the rimmed mouthpiece, the domed splashguard and on the 6-arm slitted tree percolator that give it a stylish touch.

This ice bong is an excellent choice for smokers who are in search of a quality percolator herb bong for an affordable price. Check out our range of Black Leaf bongs, bubblers and accessories available to order today at the number one smoke shop