G-Rollz Banksy Beaker Base Percolator Bong

We all know the famous artist Banksy. Now you can enjoy his political and humorous artwork on a quality bong.

The G-Rollz Banksy Bong is made from full heat-proof borosilicate glass and shaped with a classic beaker base. The bong features ice notches that can hold some cubes to cool your smoke.

Ass you pull, the smoke travels through the 29.2mm > 18.8mm pearl diffuser downstem and the spiral percolator for extra filtered hits that are easy on your throat and lugs. The bowl has a handle that makes it easier to lift and clean up conveniently.

The bong features Banksy’s artwork on the stem and the bottom of the beaker base. The whole 16.5 inches/42cm tall bong tops off with a comfortable rimmed mouthpiece.

It is available in the following licensed artworks: Kissing Coppers, Bulletproof Dove, and Flower Thrower. Pick your favorite at Grasscity, and smoke from a real piece of art.